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By Laws

Rules & Regulations


Please Note: There will be a minimum $50.00 fine for each infraction

Disturbance to others:

a) Mops or dusters of any kind shall not be shaken off the balcony, and

b) Nothing shall be thrown out of any window, door passage or other parts of the strata lot or common property.

c) No barbecues may be used on the decks or patios other than the propane, gas, or electric type of barbecue.

d) No motorized equipment shall be used in any part of the complex that may cause noise or interference to other owners.

e) With respect to noise after 11pm PLEASE respect other occupants of this resort.


a) fire hazards must be minimized. No item shall be brought into or stored in a strata lot or the common property, which will in any way increase the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance or any other insurance policy held by the Strata Corporation, or which will invalidate any insurance policy.

b) There shall be no smoking anywhere within the interior of the common property including the parking garage, the pool deck area excepting the third floor area surrounding the pool

c) Glass containers are prohibited in the enclosed areas surrounding the swimming pools.

d) No laundry, clothing, bedding, signs or other articles shall be hung or displayed from windows, decks, patios or other parts of the building so that they are visible from the outside of the building.

e) Signs are prohibited on strata lots or common areas, except those that are approved by the strata council.

f) No items may be stored on decks or patios other than normal patio furniture and barbecues.

g) Each deck or patio will not be allowed to hang anything from their deck ceiling or handrail


a) A resident or guest must not allow a strata lot to become unsanitary or untidy. Rubbish, garbage boxes, recycling and other similar refuse must not be thrown, piled or stored on the strata lot or common property.

b) Designated garbage bins or chutes must be used at all times with no exception. Any expenses incurred by the Strata Corporation to remove such refuse will be charged to the strata lot owner.


a) A resident or guest shall use only the parking space(s) assigned to them.

b) Vehicles parked in unauthorized spaces will be towed at vehicle owner's expense.

c) No major repairs or adjustments shall be made to motor vehicles on the premises.

d) A maximum speed of 10 kph shall be observed by all persons operating vehicles anywhere on the property.

e) Users of parking stalls are responsible for the cleaning of oil spills in their stalls. Continuous oil spills from any vehicle will result in that vehicle’s being prohibited from parking on common property until it is repaired.

f) No parking is permitted except in designated parking space, nor shall vehicles be parked in a manner which will obstruct other vehicles, or reduce the width of any access driveway.

g) Any vehicle parked in violation of paragraph 5 will be removed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

h) Incoming vehicles have the right of way at the garage door.

i) Use of vehicle horns upon entering, leaving or within the parking garage is prohibited, except in cases which a horn is required to prevent a collision.

j) Vehicle lights must be used at all times when a vehicle is in motion in the parking garage.

k) Any missing Resort or Garage Door Opener will be charged to guest.

Recreation and Common Facilities:

a) The strata council shall administer all recreation facilities, and any rules and regulations formulated by the strata council from time to time shall be binding upon all owners, tenants, occupants and visitors.

b) The recreational facilities are for the use of owners and renting guests only.

c) Any foul language will not be tolerated by anyone within these facilities.

d) An occupant or renter must accompany their guests when using these facilities.

e) Occupants and guests who have children under the age of 12 years old, must be accompanied by a mature adult when using the pools, hot tubs and sauna.

f) Occupants and guests who have children under the age of 16 years old, must assume responsibility for their behavior, safety and liability when using the pools, hot tubs and exercise room.

g) Occupants and guests under the age of 16 shall not make use of the exercise room unless accompanied by an adult.

h) No rough play or running on the pool deck or diving off the pool deck is acceptable.

i) Glass containers are prohibited in the enclosed area surrounding the swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise room and dressing rooms.

j) Pools and hot tub hours are posted.

k) Shower before entering the water.

l) Proper swimming attire is required. Cutoffs are not allowed.

m) Regular diapers are not allowed in the swimming pools or hot tubs.

n) Users of the pools must wear appropriate footwear to and from the pool, and dry off before entering the building or common property. Bare feet are only allowed on the pool decks.

o) Users of the facilities must keep noise down to a reasonable level.

p) No animals are allowed in the pool or hot tub areas.

q) Under no circumstances are personal toilet items, such as bath oil, body oil or aromatic oils to be added to the pool or hot tub water.

r) No smoking is allowed within any pool and hot tub areas.

s) Any violators that may cause damage (ie; broken glass in the pool) will be charged for any repairs and cleanup.

t) Any common areas including the pool areas must be kept clean from all garbage. Violators will be charged the expense for any cleanup.

u) These are family resorts. Any personal activities, especially in the pool area that cause other guests to feel uncomfortable, will be disciplined and may be faced with possible expulsion from the resort.

v) Cycling, roller blading, skateboarding, scootering, or similar activities are prohibited on common property, including sidewalks and pathways.


a) A renter is deemed a resident even though the renter lives in or makes use of the premises.

b) Minors are not allowed to rent units in this facility.

c) Renters and guests will be responsible for all common area damage, their infractions and related non-refundable fees.

Animals (rules apply only if pets are allowed by rental agency)

a) An owner, tenant, occupant or visitor must ensure that all animals are leashed or otherwise secured when on common property or on land that is common property.

b) The owners of pets shall be fully responsible for their pets’ behavior within the building and common property.

c) If a pet is deemed to be a nuisance by the council, the council shall provide written notice,and the renter shall remove the pet from the building permanently.

d) No birds shall be fed from any strata lot or from common property.

e) Visitors who wish to bring pets onto their resorts must be given permission by management.  Renters shall inform all visitors who bring pets onto the property of the rules concerning pets.

f) All residents will be responsible for clean up or repair of damage caused by their pets or their visitors pets within the building or common property.

g) Please pick up after your pet even outside your common property.

h) Not more than two pets are allowed - less than 15" in height.


a) Residents and owners are responsible for anyone they admit into the building, including movers and repair people.

b) Residents shall not admit persons unknown to them. Particular attention should be made to those who phone on the intercom, or who they in-counter at the door entering the common area of the building.

c) No solicitations are permitted in the building.

d) All missing or damaged remote garage door openers or common area keys should be immediately reported to Kelowna Bay Resort at 1-877-218-4601. There will be a replacement charge of $100.00 to the rental guest to replace any lost or damaged garage door opener.

compiled December 2004




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